Wealthiest Person in the World


I sit in a cafe with my 5 sol ($1.7) coffee and cookie, listening to the restless chirping of the birds piercing the ambient music, and I think to myself: In this moment I am the richest person in the world.


I propose to first consider the question: What is wealth?

We often measure wealth in the convention of a dollar sign and a numeric value. With the invention of currency, wealth became a comparable concept. I.e Jeff Bezos is greater than Elon Musk is greater than some middle class person is greater than a homeless person and share a property of transitive, Like a college economics course, rational models assume that given a choice, one would choose Bezos’s wealth over Musks and Musks over some middle class person.

I am a true believer that wealth should be dynamically measured person to person and is temporally dependent. For me, I sit in this quaint cafe, with an ability to freely pursue my interests, expand my thoughts, and bask within nature in a way that even Elon Musk cannot. Everyday I meet people from around the world, and I can’t help but marvel at how fortunate I am to be in the position that I am. In this moment, the time, freedom, and connections that I make are far more valuable than the dollars in my bank account.

What makes you feel wealthy may be very different than me, but there is potentially nothing more important in your life than figuring out what is that something that makes you feel as if you have value in it and pursue that value. Most likely it will change over time. Today, my wealth is manifested in freedom and connections.

What’s your wealth?