Update on the Tracker


Update on the Where is the world is Andor app.

Just a quick update on the first project.

I’ve made some considerable progress, but it turns out there were a whole bunch of edge cases I did not originally consider that I would like to be able to appropriately handle. I’m trying to do this “righter”, than a quick little hack. A couple things I’ve had to consider:

  1. What happens if there is no connection?
  2. I need to make sure that nobody can highjack my session.
  3. What if we wanted to add mulitple users. Is it even possible with the current implementation?
  4. What happens if we collect a lot of heartbeats?
  5. What happens if you have two injection points at the same time.
  6. Can a user have multiple heartbeats at the same time (short answer no)

This has cause the project to go a little slower than I would have thought, but I’m learning a lot in the process. I’m using Go, a programming language by Google, and I’m having to deal with things that I’ve never had to do before so I have to pick up a few things on the fly. That makes it fun.