20 Things I miss without a phone (ranked). Important apps and applications I didn't have when my phone broke


This post will be quick, but ever lose your phone? Well, my phone broke and for about a week I was traveling the world without any phone! It was definitely a different experience, and there are a ton of things that I realized I missed when I had my phone, so I decided to write it down. Here’s the list (ranked from most essential to least).

Broken Phone

Summary: Generally, besides my camera the most critical applications missed were ones for safety/communication.

  1. Camera - Not having a phone camera was a huge problem. I ended up having to buy a Go Pro in the nearest market to get to Igazu. When traveling, a camera is very important and nothing is more accessible as a camera than the phone.
  2. Spanish-English dictionary - My phone had an awesome app which was a Spanish to English dictionary. It has all the congegations and translations. When you’re trying to learn a new language, having an language app for quick learning is mui importante (very important)
  3. Map Applications/Andor Tracker - Oh Maps.me and Google Maps. Where have you gone! Also my tracker isn’t working right now because my phone is dead.
  4. Google Translate - Of course, in tight situations having google translate and offline mode is super useful. It’s an extra assurance that if all else fails you can somehow make sure you have a backup translator.
  5. My Socials!! - Instagram/ Facebook / WeChat / Whatsapp - All critical for communication and connection with people abroad. Also most of my contacts shared information via Whatsapp, so not having it meant many more pains in meeting up with people.
  6. Music - Gotta have my jams while I travel. Particularly on a long plane flight.
  7. Google Restaurant Search - I spend a lot of time in cafes as often I need good internet and a place to sit. Having to find a good place blind is pretty tough and I constantly wish I could just search for the nearest cafe with good internet and comfortable seats.
  8. General Google Search - Of course, looking up random information on the fly is pretty useful.
  9. My phone - Of course, making calls/receiving texts. Also lots of my applications use 2AF, which requires some phone verification. Not having a phone meant no access to some critical apps.
  10. HostelWorld App - Booking/Searching for accommodations on the phone can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go.
  11. Coinbase - I have some investments in cryptocurrency. Not being able to check the rate of my money can be really frustrating.
  12. Exchange Rate App - While eventually it becomes easier to get used to the exchange rate, it is handy that I have an app that automatically converts for me.
  13. Bank of America App - Checking on my bank account statements is important, especially when you want to make sure nothing has been hacked or stolen.
  14. Xoom/PayPal - I’ll talk about this in another post but I also lost my debit card. Xoom/PayPal is critical for my retreiving money so requiring WiFi and to use my computer can be a big pain.
  15. Boarding Pass Storing - Storing my boarding pass on my phone is a huge time saver and a piece of mind. This includes online check-in.
  16. Webtoons - Alright. I’ll admit I read webtoons (an online comic site). The app works way better than the desktop version and has an offline mode, and not having it was a huge pain as I ended up staying in really random spots to catch my WiFi .
  17. Hotspot - Hot spots can be a lifesaver when you’re in scramble mode and need some quick WiFi for help.
  18. News App - Checking the phone is easy to keep up to date with the latest news. Computer is harder. Miss my easy news.
  19. DuoLingo - I use duolingo to help with learning Spanish. Not having it on my downtime really slows down my Spanish learning.
  20. Google Keep - Jotting down notes that are easy, on the fly, and stored in the cloud makes life much easier. Writing on paper things can be lost or sometimes I simply can’t read my writing.

What do you think? Surprised by my order?