First Project! -- Where in the World is Andor!


If you visit you’ll see a number of projects currently displayed. If you click on them, most of them will lead you down to a “wag your finger” giphy, indicating that they currently aren’t live.

As a quick update: The first small project I will be working on is Where in the World is Andor!. It’s a small little app that will send my location to the site, as well as tracks my previous locations. With this, you’ll get a realtime idea of my travels and be able to get automatic updates of my location.

For those android users, if you go to you’ll be able to see a list of all the locations you’ve been to while having android. Unfortunately, google doesn’t expose an API that will allow me to share my timeline with you, but it does expose an API to get location data from my phone, so I’ve decided to make my own “timeline”.

I think there are a couple cool things with this idea:

  1. If I die you’ll know where I died.
  2. I’ll be able to give you automatic updates over my location which gives you a reason to check in to the site!

I’ll be updating this blog with details of my implementation after I’ve built it and sharing the source code over github.